McPartland Solicitors discuss the 5 most common workplace injuries.

5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Depending on the type of job you are in, there are different types of hazards you may face. While an office worker is less likely to experience burns than a chef, there are numerous accidents and injuries which can occur across all occupational sectors. These may include trips/slips, exposure to loud noise and repetitive strain injury.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, in 2018/19, 1.4 million people across the UK suffered from a work-place related injury. Additionally, 28.2 million working days were lost due to work-related injuries or illness.

1) Slips, Trips & Falls

One of the most common workplace injuries in any industry are slips, trips and falls, which make up 37% of all reported work-related injuries. This may be a result of wet or slippery floors such as an employee slipping in bathrooms or tripping over supplies or others’ belongings on the floor. While it is important for employees to pay attention to what is happening around them, it is also the employer’s responsibility to follow safety guidelines such as ensuring spills are cleaned promptly and there is nothing lying on the ground.

2) Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are also a common workplace injury, especially for those who regularly lift heavy items. In particular, back and neck strains are highly common in the workplace. In order to reduce the likelihood of these injuries occurring, employers should ensure their staff partake in some basic training on proper lifting techniques.

3) Repetitive Strain Injury

While this type of injury is less obvious than others, it is extremely harmful in the long run. It can be caused by a number of tasks including repetitive activity such as typing and using a computer for prolonged periods of time or poor posture. The condition can affect various parts of the body including the wrist, hands, shoulders and neck. The use of ergonomic equipment and employee training is vital in minimising the number of cases in the workplace.

4) Exposure to Loud Noise

Experiencing loud noises at work can lead to permanent damage to people’s hearing. It may be gradual due to exposure to noise over time, or it could be caused by sudden loud noises. People may also experience tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear), a distressing condition that can affect various aspects of life including their sleep. Experiencing loud noise at work can also interfere with communications, making warnings harder to hear and reducing awareness of their surroundings.

5) Walking into Injuries

It’s highly likely that most people have done this at some point in their life. Whether you’re distracted or feeling under the weather, it’s not difficult to accidentally run into the sharp end of a table, door or cabinet. This can a result in various injuries including head, neck or foot injuries. In order to avoid these accidents, employees should remain vigilant and attempt to sustain a hazard-free work environment.

Often, workplace injuries are a result of employer or employee negligence. Whilst there are many other ways people can injure themselves at work, there are a number of procedures employees can put in place to avoid harm. These may include training and signage, as well as regular risk assessments.

If you are suffering from a workplace injury and feel that it is a result of your employer’s negligence, you may be eligible for a work accident claim. Contact our team of experienced solicitors today to find out how we can help you.