Wills and Probate


Wills and Probate

At H McPartland & Sons we understand it is challenging to begin writing a Will. Unsurprisingly 66% of adults in Northern Ireland have not written a Will (according to Will Aid), but it is vital you write a Will.  Writing a Will could save your family money in the future and secures the future of your children or grandchildren. H McPartland & Sons can help you write a Will that that ensures your estate, no matter how large or small, is divided as per your wishes.

If you do not have a Will in place, your family may lose out on what you leave them as a result of inheritance tax or through disputes. Writing a Will allows you to dictate where specific heirlooms go when you die and lets you make donations to charities close to your heart. Without a Will, matters could get complicated for grieving families. Such a simple and inexpensive document will make a massive difference to your loved ones.


In the event of death, you may be appointed as an Executor or Administrator of a friend or family member. Naturally, you may seek support in administering tax issues, gathering inventories and distributing possession, in this case, H McPartland & Sons Solicitors can assist you in dealing with HMRC, obtaining Grants of Representation and distributing assets.

For all probates, call H McPartland & Sons Lurgan or Lisburn, or home visits can be made on request.

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