Powers of Attorney


Powers of Attorney

H McPartland & Sons offer Power of Attorney services in Northern Ireland. At some point for whatever reason, you may be incapable of managing your personal and financial matters. Before this happens, you may nominate someone who will take control of your affairs for you, an Attorney.

It is important to remember that anyone can become mentally incapacitated and a Power of Attorney does not only apply to people who suffer long-term illnesses.

A Power of Attorney can be granted to anyone over 18 years who is mentally capable of understanding its meaning.

Registering a Power of Attorney

You may seek to register a Power of Attorney, and H McPartland & Sons can assist you in applying for it to be registered.

What if I have not appointed an Attorney?

If you do not appoint an attorney, then a loved one or friend will have to apply for a Controller Order.  A Controller Order is more complicated than a Power of Attorney, as the individual applying will have to prove they are suitable. Your unappointed Controller may also have to report to the courts and face potential legal disputes.

Do not assume your spouse or next of kin has Enduring Power of Attorney, as this is not always the case.

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