Licensing Matters


Licensing Matters

H McPartland & Sons are your ideal licensing law partner, so if you are the owner of a bar, restaurant, hotel, bookmaker or club talk to us today about the complex legislation surrounding licensing in Northern Ireland to ensure you are operating within the law. If you are considering a first time entrance into the Northern Ireland market, we can handle all your licensing matters too. We can offer expert legal advice and assistance for the following areas of licensing law:

  • Entertainment licenses
  • Liquor licenses and liquor licensing renewal
  • Amusement permits
  • Gambling legislation
  • Bookmakers licenses
  • Leisure industry related legal terminology

Why choose us?

We can assist with all your licensing requirements and ensure this complicated area of the law is handled professionally and in a cost effective manner.  Our team of licensing practitioners in our Lurgan and Lisburn offices have extensive experience working on licensing applications to benefit you, as this process can be quite complex.  Licensing laws in Northern Ireland are very different to the rest of the UK, so ensure your business is operating as it should be by checking with H McPartland & Sons team.

Are you looking for an experienced solicitor in Lurgan or Lisburn?