The Role Of A Solicitor In A Medical Negligence Claim

The Role Of A Solicitor In A Medical Negligence Claim

The Role Of A Solicitor In A Medical Negligence Claim

Medical Negligence Solicitors can deal with legal proceedings regarding any treatment that a medical practitioner has given (or not given) that has directly resulted in an injury. This negligence can cause huge amounts of physical pain, mental anguish and life debilitating injuries that mean a compensation claim can become viable. Medical negligence solicitors are the individuals that can assess a claim and make a judgement as to whether the claim is likely to be successful in a civil court.

Medical Accident Due To A Lack Of Care

A medical negligence solicitor will attempt to get the appropriate amount of compensation for an individual. This remuneration should be enough to compensate them for their injuries or impairment, and help them to get back on her feet whether this is through therapy or rehabilitation.

Many solicitors will offer free advice to assess the basics of a claim. This initial advice should help inform the injured individual of whether they are entitled to compensation. If they want to carry the claim forward, they can be guided through this process by their solicitor.

Making A Claim

A medical negligence claim is not a speedy process. It can take weeks, months or even years to receive compensation even if you are entitled to it. Courts will often consider how serious your injuries are, they may want to gather evidence and medical records to assess, they may want to independently assess your injuries, and the medical professional that you are making a claim against may or may not admit liability. If they do, the claim can be handled quicker. If they don’t, the process can be long, drawn out and costly. This is why the no win, no fee aspect of medical negligence can be attractive to potential claimants.

What You Solicitor Will Do

Your medical negligence solicitor will ensure that all medical records, testimony and evidence is presented in a timely and organised manner. They will work on your behalf to secure the maximum compensation possible. They may take witness statements, interview medical professionals or seek independent or specialist advice to back up your claim. A negligent surgery or hospital claim doesn’t begin and end with the NHS as private hospitals and medical professionals can also have claims made against them.

These specialist solicitors will be sympathetic to your plight and will calculate the amount that you should be entitled to. If you have suffered because of a medical professional’s lack of care, surgical mistake or lack of medical knowledge, then you should investigate claiming for compensation.  You may have suffered as a result of diagnostic delay. You may have been referred to the wrong specialist resulting in prolonged and needless pain. Or you may have undergone surgery that was unwarranted or performed poorly leading to injury.

Consider your options when making a medical negligence claim and think about taking up the free impartial advice. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A well qualified and highly regarded medical negligence solicitor will support you all the way.