McPartland Solicitors detail the five steps to finding the right solicitor for whatever your needs are

5 Steps To Finding The Right Solicitor For Your Needs

When you are searching for a solicitor, it is likely that you are already under pressure. Requiring a solicitor could be a result of an accident or another unforeseen event. As you navigate the personal and emotional changes in your circumstance, we understand the legal considerations can seem overwhelming. But, before the legal proceedings become formal, how can you ensure you have the right person by your side? At McPartland and Sons, our straightforward advice will help you make the right decision at a crucial time.

  1. Reliable recommendation

When faced with a legal issue, friends and family will offer advice; it’s in their nature. The problem with the help is, it may not be suitable for your case. The solicitor who helped your colleague manage a separation may not be the best person for your situation. It is not enough to accept general advice, and it may be the case that those around have never been in your exact position. Seek out testimonies that share some of the problems you have. Solicitors specialise in certain areas, make a choice based on reliable recommendations.

  1. Availability

Depending on your situation, you will be trying to choose a solicitor as soon as possible. Sometimes, external pressures lead to meetings arranged at short notice and little contact beforehand. You should not settle for a hurried consultation where detail is second to the clock. While your solicitor will not be working solely on your case, it is crucial that you feel like a priority when they are available. If initial contact is poor, you may want to reconsider your choice.

Availability and clear lines of communication make massive differences in the outcomes of cases.

  1. Scale

Sleek branding, vast premises and a central location may seem positive, but it is not a guarantee of quality. Be careful not to choose a large firm for the sake of the name above the door. Unfortunately, some large firms will prioritise clients on potential value. You can not afford to be a number when it comes to legal advice; you want the full focus of the firm you choose. It’s worth noting that just because you selected a large firm, it does not mean you are getting everyone in the firm’s attention.

Due to the sensitive nature of certain cases, you may want a solicitor you can meet and talk to in person. Be wary of those who continuously reroute you through secretaries and paralegals.

  1. What are their key performance indicators?

Today, televisions are bombarding us with ‘swift, quick and speedy’ legal results. If you are choosing a team who value specialise in fast turnover, it begs the question about their quality. Very often, firms like these will reject cases because they are too complicated, and they do not see a quick win. In cases where compensation is due, some firms will focus on time rather than ensuring you get everything you deserve.

In your initial discussions with a firm, you will begin to see what their values are, make sure they match up with yours. Learn more about our values at McPartland & Sons here.

  1. Personable

While you can read reviews, maybe hear from previous clients and read up on your chosen firm; you still have to trust your gut. You should feel a bond with your solicitor regardless of the nature of the case and your standpoint. If you do not feel comfortable with your solicitor, trust your instincts. Honesty is vital, but you should not feel that your expectations are being lowered by a solicitor who isn’t committed to you.

If each of these steps are taken into consideration, expect to gain a better quality of service. If you want more advice or feel that McPartland solicitors could help you, contact us now. Consultations are free, our services could prove invaluable.