Co-Parenting and Joint Custody

Co-Parenting and Joint Custody Tips for Divorced Parents

Going through a divorce is never easy, particularly when children are involved. Alongside all the other issues, you, as guardians, will need to place a huge focus on the concept of custody, access, and contact. 

McPartland & Sons Solicitors have put together some simple advice to ensure your children are the priority.

#1. Remember, Your Child Comes First

Before the process even reaches the courts, you need to consider what you would like to gain regarding custody and visitation rights. It is important to remember that while a part of you will naturally desire full custody with no visitation rights for your ex-spouse, the only person to suffer from that option would be the child.

You need to put your differences aside and unless there is a genuine reason to stop your child from seeing their other parent, never make your child choose one over the other.

#2. Do Your Research

Familiarise yourself with the processes involved. Family law can be complicated, and it is best to know what to expect. Key components of a parenting plan include decision-making, education, medical, religion, and extra-curricular activities. Try and maintain a positive mindset for the best possible outcome, and don’t be afraid to seek advice from others that have been through the process themselves.

#3. Have Documents

If you have a complicated separation that has turned nasty, you must prove that co-parenting alongside them will impact decision-making. If you have been the main decision-maker and wish to continue in this role, the courts will prove that this is the case so it is vital that you prepare documents. Hard evidence will carry far more weight than words alone. It also removes the threat of crossed wires or confusion.

#4. Be Realistic About Schedules

Juggling parenting duties along with working and other responsibilities isn’t always easy, but working together can make a difficult process much less stressful. If you can put a plan in place so that work schedules do not conflict, then this makes it convenient for both parents. Consistency is paramount for any child. The transition from one home to the other can be a troublesome time, especially if your child feels that they are leaving one parent behind.

#5. Find A Great Solicitor

While you can certainly help prepare your case, you must have a great solicitor to present your arguments in court. Representing yourself is never a great idea because of the background work and paperwork that is required. Likewise, it can be a very emotional time for everybody involved, which is why having an expert who is fully focused on getting the right outcome by your side is essential. 

If you are looking for a professional and reliable family law solicitor, then H McPartland & Sons in Lurgan and Lisburn can offer you just that. Contact us for a free, no-obligation chat about our expert legal services in all areas of family law, including child support, child custody and child welfare.

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