Coping With Christmas When You Are Divorced

Coping With Christmas When You Are Divorced

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for many. It’s the opportunity to spend it with family and friends, but for some, this Christmas might not be the same as previous ones. If you’ve recently become divorced, this time of year might be a little hard to cope with emotionally and mentally. However, just because you find yourself in a different situation this Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy it. Here are some helpful tips for coping with Christmas when you are divorced.

Plan Ahead

As the festivities can creep up on us all quite quickly, it’s important to try and plan ahead so that everyone benefits during the Christmas period. If you’ve got joint custody of the children then it’s important to make sure that it’s a balanced amount of time that’s spent between you and your former partner. It’s also good for your children to be able to spend an equal amount of time with each parent where possible, especially as the festive time for them can be difficult to deal with.

If you’ve got a good relationship with your ex, then it’s always good to have communication and a schedule to ensure everything works well over this period.

Try Not To Make It A Competition

For some divorced parents, the children will likely get two sets of presents, and that can often turn into a competition for you and your partner. However, to avoid this, you should have an agreement between you and your partner that you spend an ‘X’ amount, or you decide on what the gifts should be and contribute the same amount together. This can make sure that you’re not causing any unwanted tension in your relationship.

Don’t Forget The Grandparents

As much as it might be difficult, it’s important for your children to see their grandparents, where possible. It can also be healthy for you to have some social contact with others, especially your own parents and your extended family. Try to fit in the time to see your loved ones this Christmas and to ensure that the grandparents are getting the same amount of time with their grandchildren as they would have if you weren’t divorced.

Keep Yourself Busy

Regardless of the plan you have in place, keeping yourself busy is important. It’s going to make sure that you don’t feel lonely if you’re spending part of it on your own. Reach out to friends and other loved ones who will spend time with you perhaps when you don’t have the children, or you’re on your own. Organise plenty of things to keep you busy and if you’ve got any free time, spend it on yourself. Give yourself the time to pamper yourself, watch all your favourite Christmas movies, and indulge.

Christmas time can be a tough old time for many of those parents or individuals who find themselves recently divorced. It’s also something that may not get any easier, however, these tips should ensure you’re kept entertained and that everything goes smoothly.

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