Coping With Christmas When You Are Divorced

Coping With Christmas When You Are Divorced

Christmas can be a stressful time of year when you’re divorced. If you have children of divorce and want to see them, it’s hard to get to grips with the fact that they won’t be around for the full festive period. Sometimes, the anxiety of being alone is too much, also. After all, divorced parents don’t get back on their feet straight away.

Still, it’s essential to make Christmas arrangements and keep busy, not only to maintain a bond with your family but to take your mind off things if you are feeling down. Here is a selection of techniques to cope with Christmas this year if you’re divorced.

Start Amicable Christmas Talks

Fathers’ rights at Christmas and mothers’ rights depend on a variety of things. However, in Northern Ireland, the mother is always deemed to have “parental responsibility” for their children. Therefore, men may have to make arrangements to ensure they get the same parental rights over Christmas. This can include filing for a Parental Responsibility Order, but 90% of agreements are informal and it’s best to keep it that way so that talks remain peaceful. Fathers should keep in mind that only 2% of applications are rejected by the court, which means it’s an effective last resort if relations turn sour.

Don’t Make Grand Plans

Parents may be tempted to make Christmas a competition so that they are the cool ones and end up “winning.” Often, this doesn’t play out the way the majority of mums and dads see it in their heads as the stress leads to disappointment. Not giving your child the celebration they want can make the festive season harder to stomach as depression can set in. Put your kids first at Christmas, as well as yourself, by organising a simple event that brings you closer together. A big dinner and playing video games is usually all any parent and child need to make the time together special.

Make Plans Ahead Of Time

Of course, you need to make plans without your kids because they won’t be there every year. And, doing it well ahead of time is an excellent way to make Christmas seem less daunting. It can be as basic as going to your parents for dinner or visiting friends. Regardless, the fact that you have an event in your calendar should stop you from fretting about how you’re going to spend Christmas the closer it gets to the 25th.

Invest In Work

Another good way to cope over the festive season is to invest in your career. Offices are often deserted because everyone else is at home with their families. Instead of letting this get you down, turn it into a positive by thinking about how much work you’ll complete without any distractions. Plus, you’ll get paid and earn extra money. As a result, you may be able to afford a family holiday with the kids when you get a chance to see them for an extended period. Remember that there is always a bigger picture.

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