H McPartland & Sons, solicitors, provide criminal law advice and information on representation and defence in court

Criminal Defence Law Advice And Information

Criminal law is the body of law relating to crime. These can range from offences that are threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfare of people inclusive of one’s self) to more violent crimes involving violence, assault and murder.

Any accusation of crime can have a massively devastating and overwhelming effect on you. It can affect you emotionally, can affect your reputation and your livelihood or in the most serious cases, your liberty. Therefore, the importance of receiving, from the very beginning, the highest level of legal support and guidance of a specialist, criminal defence solicitor, is crucial. We, H McPartland & Sons, have both the knowledge and experience to guide you, and are here to assist with professional advice at every stage from speaking to the police at the station to your representation in court. Here we outline some of the important things to consider in relation to criminal law.

  1. Role of the Criminal law solicitor

The criminal law details the criminal offences and the procedures that apply when the police investigate:

  • an offence you have allegedly committed;
  • when the prosecuting authorities charge you;
  • and when to appear in a criminal court.

If you are found guilty or accept the offence, the court will impose a penalty on you, which can range from fines, community orders and prison sentence.

Criminal law solicitors will help you if you are suspected or accused of a crime. They mainly deal with the client face-to-face, represent the client at a police station after the arrest, gather and collate evidence to help the defence case and conduct litigation as the case is prepared for trial. When allegations have been made that you have committed a criminal offence, criminal law solicitors can represent you to ensure your legal rights are protected and to present your case in court to make sure you get a fair and just hearing.

  1. Criminal law solicitor professional services

We at H McPartland and Sons Solicitors have an experienced team of criminal lawyers who are experts in dealing with all types of criminal offences. We offer professional advice on a number of criminal charges.

  • Attending the police station to provide assistance before an interview – our crime team provide specialist police station representation and expert advice with a dedicated approach
  • Representing and defending you at court
  • Explaining in clear and straightforward terms the charges which have been filed against you, and the possible implications of these charges
  • All forms of summonses from the Public Prosecution Service
  • Appeal court representation
  • Developing defence strategies and negotiating plea bargains
  • Filing all necessary motions with the court

We know how upsetting and daunting it can be to be prosecuted for any kind of criminal offence. But finding the right solicitor is crucial to ensure you are guaranteed the best legal defence. We know that the nature of every case is different and no matter how large or small the offence, we at H McPartland & Sons are well equipped to defend your rights and are committed to giving you and your case our complete attention. Our expert knowledge of the criminal justice system means that you are in a safe pair of professional hands.

If you have been accused of any crime, contact our supportive legal teams in Lurgan or Lisburn for assistance.