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Guide to pedestrian accident claims in Northern Ireland

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately quite common in Northern Ireland. Every day, people are injured through no fault of their own and need advice about their options. Whether at high or low speeds, pedestrian accidents can have devastating impacts. 

McPartland & Sons Solicitors have pieced together our guide on the most common questions.    

What are the most common pedestrian Injuries?

Slight – Bruising, sprains, strains, minor cuts, and whiplash.

Less Serious – Fractured limbs or collarbone, deep cuts, and minor head injuries.

Moderately Serious – Fractured thigh or pelvis, chest injuries, partial loss of a limb and deeply penetrating wounds.

Very Serious – Broken neck or spine, severe head or chest injuries, and internal injuries.

Who can make a pedestrian claim?

If you are a pedestrian who was injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you are eligible to claim compensation. Pedestrians, however, cannot claim if they are deemed to be at fault for an accident. Examples of this include 

  • failing to look properly before crossing a road
  • acting carelessly 
  • recklessly or being in a hurry
  • crossing the road when drivers can’t see you because of a stationary or parked vehicle 
  • wearing dark clothing at night

If you are unsure who was at fault for your accident, McPartland & Sons solicitors can advise you whether you have grounds to make a claim. 

How does the average pedestrian claim work? 

A typical pedestrian claim goes through the following process: 

Step 1: Contact A Solicitor
The first step is to get in touch for legal advice on your pedestrian accident claim. Talk to a solicitor before deciding how to proceed.

Step 2: Gathering Information
Once a solicitor has deemed that you have grounds to make a claim, they will begin to collect all the information to support your claim. This will include any medical notes, any dashcam footage from the scene and police reports that have been registered.

Step 3: Medical Assessment
You will need to have been medically assessed by a medical professional. You can only claim for your injuries once, so the more information that can be provided about the extent of your injuries, the better.  

Step 4: Compensation Negotiations
All of the negotiations will be handled by a solicitor. McPartland & Sons will work to secure the maximum amount due to you from the driver’s insurance company.

Step 5: Compensation Payout
Once a settlement figure is reached, the solicitor will continue to represent you to ensure the pay-out settlement reaches your account promptly.

How much compensation could you receive for a pedestrian accident in Northern Ireland? 

The compensation you receive is closely tied to the complexity of your injury. For example, if you sustained a serious pedestrian injury that requires years of treatment, it will likely be worth more than an injury that you recover from in a few weeks. 

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident that wasn’t your fault, speak with our solicitors at McPartland & Sons Solicitors. We are here to listen and offer you the advice you deserve, contact a member of the team and we can help review your case. 

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