How we can help handle your divorce by

How we can help handle your divorce

Going through a divorce or separation can be a difficult and stressful time, so in order to make the process as smooth as possible and to avoid any additional and unnecessary distress, you need to engage the services of a solicitor who can offer you advice, reassurance and professionalism to resolve things quickly. Harry McPartland & Sons, who have offices in Lurgan and Lisburn, are more than qualified to help handle your divorce and other areas of matrimonial law. Find out more about how we can help below.

Divorce Advice

If you need to get some practical advice on moving ahead with divorce proceedings, why not talk to our team? Grounds for a divorce are usually due to unreasonable behaviour, desertion, adultery, or a period of separation from a spouse which may or may not have been with or without the other spouse’s consent. Whichever reason is relevant to your individual circumstances, a solicitor from our team will advise you on the entire process, give you an approximate length of time for completion, negotiate with the other party on your behalf and find a civilised resolution. Should the matter require a court appearance, we can argue your case here too.

Advice on custody

Often during a divorce, your biggest concern will be for the wellbeing of any children involved, including where they will live and how they can be supported financially. Our team can provide advice on custody, access and contact with children following a divorce or separation to provide you with peace of mind. We’ll need to discuss several factors in order to proceed with any kind of agreements, including income, earning capacity, other obligations and responsibilities, any physical or mental disabilities and circumstances around the child or children’s education and training, so if you come prepared to our meeting with this information it will make the process much quicker.

Cohabitation agreements

Living together long term as an unmarried couple may seem like you should have the same rights as a couple who are married, however you can’t assume this is the case. Your relationship status is important in the eyes of the law and has important implications for financial matters, responsibility for children and housing. To ensure your loved ones are taken care of the way you want without being legally wed, talk to us about a cohabitation agreement which ensures that both couples have legal rights should the time come for you to separate.

Need more information? Our matrimonial law solicitors are waiting to hear from you. Contact us on 028 3832 2452 for Lurgan or 028 9267 0325 for our Lisburn team, and find out how we can help you.