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What can you claim compensation for?

If you have been in an accident where you have suffered a personal injury, or you believe you are entitled to payment for pain and suffering or loss of future earnings then you can most likely claim compensation. Here are the most common reasons why people seek compensation, and some advice from our solicitors on what you need to know before you make a claim.


After a road traffic accident where you have sustained an injury such as whiplash, it is very common to claim compensation which would cover everything from loss of earnings, to medical expenses and even travel expenses, care costs and insurance excess payments. We can help you ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to, however you should remember that the final amount you receive will depend on the individual circumstances of your particular case.

Wrongful termination

Losing your job at any time is stressful, but even more so when you feel that the termination has breached conditions in your contract, such as insufficient notice or lack of grounds for dismissal. Employment law is a complicated area and it’s not always immediately obvious what your rights are, so put your mind at rest and talk to one of our employment law specialists to find out if you have a case.

Illness on holiday

When you save the money required for a great holiday and get there only to fall ill due to unclean conditions or food poisoning, it can be more than disappointing – it’s often dangerous and financially stressful. This is why claiming compensation for an illness on holiday is such a common occurrence. If you feel you have a genuine claim for a holiday illness, talk to us about how we can start to recover the monies owed to you. Be warned though – these types of claims have hit the headlines recently as a result of so many people committing fraud and lying about contracting an illness on holiday. Find out more about this in our recent post.

Accidents – trips, slips and falls

Having an accident at work or in a public place which has been caused by negligence usually means that you can claim for compensation as the accident was not your fault. If you have received a personal injury within the last 3 years and would like to know if you are still entitled to compensation, you can contact our team who will discuss the particulars of the case with you.

Making a personal injury claim

If you decide to proceed with your claim, there are several steps involved. Initially, you should make an appointment with us and bring as many facts as possible with you – dates and details of your accident, medical reports, expenses incurred and any medical conditions which have since developed. We will file all necessary paperwork and advise you if you will be required to have a medical examination. Find out more about these steps to receiving your compensation or contact us today to make an appointment.