What are serious motoring offences and why do you need a solicitor? by hmcpartlandandsons.co.uk

What are serious motoring offences and why do you need a solicitor?

Motoring and driving offences are one of the most common areas of the law we deal with every day, but with motoring offences varying in degrees of seriousness and consequences, it might not always be clear what qualifies as a ‘serious motoring offence’ and why you might need a solicitor in these cases. If you’re confused about this area, then read on.

Serious motoring offences

Major motoring offences are the most serious and therefore carry the biggest consequences, such as a ban or a criminal record or even prison in severe cases. In addition to dangerous or careless driving, some of the most serious offences include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs: These drugs could be illegal drugs but they could also be prescribed medications – if either of them make you unfit to drive and police pull you over to perform a roadside drug test, the penalties could be severe – like a driving ban, criminal record or prison time.
  • Drink driving: We’ve had it drilled into us for years – “Never, ever drink and drive” and yet, there are still prosecutions every year for this offence. If you are pulled over for being over the limit, you could face prison time, an unlimited fine, a driving ban and be faced with an extended driving test in order to get your license back.
  • Excessive speeding: If you are caught speeding at 45% over the legal limit, it is very likely you will be prosecuted.
  • Not using the right car seat for your child: You must use an appropriate child restraint in your car, which will vary according to your child’s height, age and weight. For the full breakdown of what’s required, take a look here.

Minor motoring offences

Less serious motoring offences normally only result in a small fine or fee, and possibly in penalty points but rarely a summons to court. These minor offences include:

  • Parking charges or fines: If you receive a parking fine, the instructions for dealing with it are normally very clear and you won’t need the assistance of a solicitor to help you unless you are contesting the charge and it cannot be resolved directly with the parking company, or if you have refused payment and they decide to legally pursue you for these charges.
  • Low level speeding: Going even slightly over the speed limit may result in penalty points and a fine if you are caught and you will have to contact your insurance company and declare any of these penalty points, which may increase your insurance premiums. Over a short space of time the accumulation of penalty points may result in a driving ban, and you should therefore always contact ourselves for legal advice if this is the case.

How Harry McPartland & Sons can help you

If you are being prosecuted for an alleged motoring offence, you should always seek legal advice straight away. In some cases, you may not need to be present at a court hearing however no matter what your individual circumstances are, we can represent you with our professional and skilled legal team. If you have any motoring offence queries, why not talk to us about them and see how we can help.