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Licensing Applications in Northern Ireland

If the complex legislation surrounding licensing laws in Northern Ireland is giving you a headache, allow this blog to provide the key information you require to take your next steps. No matter the application, we can offer expert legal advice and partner with you through your licensing application to ensure that you are operating within the law. 

Licensing Applications in Northern Ireland

Find out information related to licensing applications in Northern Ireland by reading the following from McPartland Solicitors:

Liquor Licensing 

To legally serve and sell alcohol at a premise in Northern Ireland, you will require a Liquor Licence. 

McPartland Solicitors can help you when applying for a liquor licence, a pub licence, an off-licence, licensing for clubs and renewing outdated liquor licences. 

Entertainment Licensing 

An Entertainment Licence is required to legally invite people to watch or participate in live entertainment on your premises. Live entertainment includes dancing, singing, music, indoor sporting, theatre and circus shows. 

You do not require an entertainment licence to host garden parties, religious music, religious singing, athletic events or public exhibitions of your work. If you are an educational institution or licensed cinema you are also exempt from entertainment licensing. 

You can apply for different lengths of entertainment licensing from 14 days to 1 year, depending on your circumstances. McPartland will be able to help you choose the best entertainment licence for your needs so that you can operate within the law. 

Bookmakers Licensing

A bookmakers licence will allow you to operate as a bookmaker so that you can take on-course and off-course bets. If you are using a premise to take off-course bets, you will also need a bookmaking office licence in order to operate legally in Northern Ireland. 

McPartland Solicitors can help you apply for a bookmakers licence from the magistrates’ court as this type of licence cannot be applied for online.

Other Permits and Legislation

Other permits and legislation that McPartland Solicitors can help you with include:

Amusement Permits – Used to legally operate gaming machines on your premises.

Gambling Legislation – Legislation related to gambling that doesn’t include the National Lottery.

Leisure Industry Related Terminology – We can help you to understand the complex terminology related to the leisure industry so that you can legally operate within Northern Ireland. This can include licensing terminology for outdoor leisure activities, sport, recreation, events, libraries and accommodation e.g. a bed and breakfast, in Northern Ireland.

McPartland Solicitors are experts in licensing applications in Northern Ireland, making us your ideal licensing law partner. If you are the owner of a bar, restaurant, hotel, bookmaker or club, talk to us today. We can help you understand which parts of the complex legislation surrounding licensing in Northern Ireland you need to know, to ensure you are operating within the law and get the licence you require. If you are considering entering the Northern Ireland market for the first time, we can handle all your licensing matters too.

You can request a consultation with a McPartland Solicitor by contacting us today.

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