Need employment law advice? Here's how we can help by

Need employment law advice? Here’s how we can help

Employment law is a two-fold area – dealing with the rights and legal obligations as an employer, and the rights and obligations of an employee. Our solicitors are extremely competent in dealing with both sides of this complex legislation, so no matter which area you need advice on, we can assist. If you need employment law advice and aren’t sure where to turn, here’s how the team at Harry McPartland & Sons can help.

Our legal services for employers

Employers – you want to make sure you’re conducting all areas of your business within the letter and the spirit of the law, and when you employ staff it is crucially important that you get this area right. Some of the most common queries we get from employers dealing with human resources issues fall into the following areas:

  • Employment contracts, and employment terms and conditions: Drawing up contracts with clear and easily comprehended terms and conditions can be a complicated process, but we can offer this service if you feel like you lack the know-how or in-house resource to do it yourself.
  • Disciplinary action: It’s never a nice prospect but sometimes disciplinary actions are necessary. We can outline the step by step process you need to take to ensure you meet all your legal obligations.
  • Redundancy procedures and the law: Making redundancies is a stressful time for both employer and employee, and if you’re worried about handling this sensitive area correctly, why not talk to us and we can advise on the correct procedures which you need to have in place in order to handle this smoothly?

Legal services we can provide to employees

If you’re an employee and you want to speak to a qualified solicitor about your rights or discuss a case where you feel you have been harassed or victimised at work in some way, then we can help. Talk to us today for advice about any of the following legal services we offer to employees:

  • Disciplinary procedures: If you’re facing a disciplinary procedure at work and feel this is unjust or would like someone to represent you at an employee tribunal, we are more than happy to help. Just bring us all the details you have so that we can make a sound assessment and decide if you have a case or not.
  • Unfair dismissal: Do you feel like you have been unfairly dismissed from your job? You could be entitled to make a claim if this is the case. Talk to our team and we could help you recover the money you are legally entitled to.
  • Breach of contract: If your employer has breached your contract, for example by not paying your wages or making changes to the terms and conditions in your contract you should always try to resolve this with them first, and if this is not possible, we can represent you and manage this for you.

If you still have questions about how we can help with our employment law experience, why not take a look at our website which outlines all the different areas of this area of the law we cover? You can make an appointment with our legal teams in Lisburn or Lurgan, and initial consultations are free.