The dangers of third-party capture. People signing document

The dangers of third-party capture

A growing number of insurance companies are contacting victims of road traffic accidents and offering to settle their injury claims quickly without involving solicitors. This practice is known as ‘third party capture’.

Where does the danger lie with Third-Party Capture?

This practice presents a conflict of interest, as the insurer is acting on behalf of both their policyholder and the victim. It’s done to keep costs down by typically offering a sum of compensation that is less than what the claim is truly worth.

This approach is often made within a few days of the accident when the injured party may feel particularly vulnerable or traumatised.

Contacting the injured party early means the insurers can get to them before they get legal advice, and as a result, this can mean that the victims of accidents can under-settle their claim. It is understandable that following an injury, a victim will be anxious to make a compensation claim, but you need to take your time with this. 

As well as offering low compensation, insurers may also make their offer without consulting medical experts for their opinion on the injury and its long-term effects. However, this can have serious consequences for you if accept the insurer’s offer and the injury turns out to be more serious than initially realised. It can take days, weeks, or even months for your injuries to come to light and by settling the claim early, there is a risk that you may put yourself in a position where 

What should I do if an insurance company tries to make me settle with them?

You are not obliged to accept their offer. Do not agree to anything without exploring options and contacting a solicitor. You have three years to make your claim; you can afford to take your time.

If you find yourself in a position that attracts the attention of a third-party agent, always decline to comment and stop all lines of communication. Please consider carefully whether the prompt settlement they seek is truly in your best interests or theirs. 

For more information on third-party capture and how McPartland & Sons solicitors can help with compensation claims, please contact one of our highly specialist-trained solicitors.

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