what makes a good solicitor

What makes a good solicitor?

The practice of law requires you to demonstrate several core skills and attributes. The skills you will be expected to develop to successfully practice law vary from communications skills to the team working and people skills, from sector awareness to the most important factor of all, honesty, and integrity.

Here is McPartland & Sons guide to the skills required to be a good solicitor, including but not limited to:

Knowledge of Commercial Awareness

A solicitor must possess knowledge of recent developments in local, national and world business, particularly any aspects that could impact upon its clients legally. A solicitor must also be aware of any developments within the sector in which they practice. Clients pay for insightful advice and knowledge; therefore, a solicitor must be aware of key developments that can alter this advice.

Attention to Detail

Accuracy is pivotal to the success of a solicitor. Solicitors will regularly be required to write letters and review documents and a single word out of pace can change the meaning of a clause or contract. Therefore, attention to detail is essential as clients expect to receive flawless letters and pay solicitors to pick up on fine details in the documentation.


As a solicitor, it is essential to communicate effectively with internal and external colleagues and clients. This can include breaking down technical jargon into understandable language or interacting with a range of experienced professionals.

Excellent listening ability is also important when working with clients, as a solicitor need to be able to build relationships and instill confidence.

A solicitor will need to be a confident speaker when arguing a case in court, negotiating settlements, and explaining complex information to clients. They must demonstrate persuasive, clear, and succinct language to represent you well.


Solicitors will almost always be required to work within a team, however large or small. They collaborate with colleagues and partners in the firm, as well as liaise with clients. The ability to work as part of a team is essential and Solicitors are required to deal with people from all levels of the legal hierarchy, from trainees and pupils to members of the judiciary.

Information Analysis and Research Contribution

A non-negotiable of a career in law results in reading large amounts of information, absorbing facts and figures, analysing material, and distilling it into something manageable. A strong skill set of an experienced solicitor.

Being able to identify what is relevant out of a vast amount of information and explain it clearly and concisely to the client is key.

Research skills include drafting legal documents and advising clients on complicated issues. All of which takes time and patience.

Honesty and Integrity

In respect of integrity, a person has integrity when they have honest qualities and live by strong moral principles. As professionals, solicitors must act honestly, morally, and ethically to a higher standard than is expected by society.

These are not the type of skills that develop overnight. They come with time and experience. At McPartland & Sons Solicitors, our legal practise was established in 1949, and our goal is to always provide a considerate, friendly service supported by a highly skilled team and excellent references from previous clients. And we deliver on this.

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